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Legislative Update

Diabetic Patients’ Rights to Well-Fitted  Therapeutic Shoes Preserved

Jan. 7, 2015 - House Bill 326 as introduced and as passed by the Ohio House of Representatives sought to fully exempt diabetic therapeutic shoe fitting from the scope of regulated Orthotic and Pedorthic services.  While it set forth certain baseline standards for persons providing the service, it would have removed this Board’s authority to assure minimum standards are observed and would have opened up the service to anyone who has taken a 20-hour manufacturer’s training course.   The Board approved a Position Paper as regards the proposal, tracked the legislation closely in the Senate, and engaged in an interested party negotiation with legislative sponsors and proponents. 

The version of the bill that passed the Ohio Senate adopted an amendment that removed all of the previously proposed new language and simply added Revised Code Chapter 4729, the Pharmacy chapter, to the list of licensed healthcare professionals exempt from Chapter 4779 licensing when “practicing within the individual's scope of practice under statutes and rules regulating the individual's profession.”  The Board testified as an interested party and withdrew its opposition to the bill.   The bill passed the Senate, the House concurred in the changes, and the governor has signed it into law. 

Sept. 2014 - Mar. 2015 Five-Year Rule Review

Sep. 10, 2014 - In accordance with the Periodic Review of Rules requirement, the OPP Board will be processing two chapters and two individual rules of its Administrative Rules series for review.


Board Proposes Expanded Coverage for Orthopedic Shoes

Jun. 10, 2014 - The Board proposed an amendment to Rule 5160-10-12, Orthopedic Shoes and Foot Orthoses to the Ohio Department of Medicaid for consideration during its rule review process. The expansion would cover orthopedic shoes when not an integral part of a brace for beneficiaries “with documented diagnoses of moderate or severe peripheral neuropathy or peripheral arterial disease.”

To read more about the Board's discussion, click through to the Board Bulletpoints from the June 10, 2014 Board meeting.

Active Military / Veterans / Spouses Accommodations Rule Set Finalized

Jun. 10, 2014 - The rule package that was considered as summarized in the rules hearing notice previously posted to this site was approved and filed with an effective date of June 27, 2014.  The purposes of the rule set are:

  1. To comply with the requirements of Am. Sub. HB 98 of the 130th General Assembly and with Executive Order 2013-05K and directives/recommendations issued thereto.
  2. Promoting opportunities for and inclusion of veterans and their spouses in the planning and execution of occupational licensing functions of administrative and regulatory agencies.
  3. Providing “one-stop guidance” for veterans seeking entrance to or continuation of service in the professions regulated by this Board

Mar. 18, 2014 - Another O&P Practitioner seat "times out" near the end of this year, as does the Consumer member's spot. - Bill Neu, LPO and Robert Reed, Consumer Member will have served for two consecutive terms. We are aware of an applicant for the Consumer position, but the process is still open to those who may be willing and interested in serving on the Board.

Terms are for three years and an initial term is subject to re-appointment at the discretion of the Governor.

Active, informed and committed-to-service licensees and consumers are encouraged to consider the leadership opportunity. Contact the Board office for further information, or submit your application directly to the Governor's office.

Board Approves Statement on CMS’ OTS Orthotics Designations

For the past several years, the Board has offered written guidance and a protocol rubric to the OPP licensee and DME provider communities regarding the Ohio standards for determination of Orthotic devices requiring or not requiring licensed dispensation in compliance with Revised Code Chapter 4779.  Recognizing that recent changes in language and policy pushed out by CMS’ DMEPOS regulator is causing some confusion in the provider community regarding the effect of those changes in Ohio, the Board approved a statement of clarification in this regard.

In summary:  “Ohio regulatory language does not align exactly with federal language, and the Ohio Board has determined that devices marketed and reimbursed under many of the HCPCS codes referenced in CMS’ action meet the requirements of custom fit devices and do not meet the Ohio definition of a device requiring ‘minimal fitting.’”



To read the full statement, click through to the DME Providers tab or use the link above.

Board Welcomes New Member, J. Hagman

Feb. 11, 2014 - Jeffrey A. Hagman, licensed and ABC-Certified in Prosthetics, was appointed to the State Board of Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics for a term beginning February 11, 2014, and ending December 6, 2016, by Governor John Kasich. Last year, Jeff opened his own prosthetics practice in the Cleveland area: Bright Prosthetics Inc.

Mr. Hagman earned a BA Degree in Marketing from the University of Toledo and did his post-graduate Certificate Program work at Eastern Michigan University. His early training and residency was gained at Perry Prosthetics in the Toledo area, where he worked his way up from a technician to the Lead Prosthetist position. Mr. Hagman is dedicated to his patients and works to provide superior prosthetic care by continually looking for ways to improve prosthetic care for his patients. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his spouse Kristen and his two young children. Mr. Hagman also enjoys hiking and racing sailboats whenever time allows.

“I’m grateful to have received the Governor’s endorsement for this position. Ever since starting my prosthetics career, I knew that someday I would get involved at a higher level and contribute time back to our profession. Just as I focus on excellence in patient care in my prosthetics practice, I hope to help promote excellence and attention to patient care within our profession through my service on the Board.”

Kasich Launches Public Awareness Campaign to Stop Human Trafficking

Jan. 9, 2014 - Today, Gov. John Kasich kicked off a new public awareness campaign to ramp-up Ohio’s ongoing fight against human trafficking, the illegal trade of people for commercial sex or forced labor exploitation that enslaves approximately 1,000 Ohioans every year.  The new campaign, led by the Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force, gives Ohioans new resources for how they can personally help combat the problem by reporting suspicious activity.  It also is aimed at connecting with trafficking victims themselves, with outreach materials in places where they are likely to see them, such as public transit sites and highway rest areas. Details of the campaign can be found here: HumanTrafficking.Ohio.Gov

Human trafficking – the illegal trade of human beings for commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor – is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises worldwide. Each year an estimated 1,078 Ohio children become victims of human trafficking and 3,016 more are at-risk for exploitation.

Everyone has a role in ending Human Trafficking. Click here to learn more.

Practice Act Review Ongoing

The Board has initiated a proposal and discussion process to outline and identify changes required for the Practice Act to maintain currency with national standards, and to adopt changes long requested by the practitioner community. Among the issues the Board hopes to address through review, revision and legislative process are:

  • Update licensing standards language to conform to current and developing national credentialing benchmarks
  • Extending licensure to fitters and assistants and provide for a process to address DMEPOS competitive bidding with regard to the OTS/OTC-approved prefabricated devices
  • Grant the Board subpoena power to investigate allegations of unlicensed practice
  • Provide confidentiality in the complaint process
  • Make Continuing Education accrual standards subject to the Board's rulemaking authority so as to allow greater conformity with national credentialing requirements
  • Provide an 'escrowed' or inactive license status under certain conditions


To review language under consideration and provide comment to the Board in this regard, email the Board office.

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